Countless Thank You’s!

This post mean nothing but to thank all of you for the warm birhday wishes made. Feel so lucky to have such wonderfulView full post »

Double Surprised In A Day.

Alhamdulillah, praise to God for these two surprise happened yesterday. Thank you to the good guys at Kosmo! forView full post »

Meet Juno

Meet a good friend of mine, Juno. Upon completing this little entry, there’s a mix of nervous and excited feelingsView full post »

Hijacked! and Random Stuffs From Kelantan

For the past few days, this blog was being hacked by somebody that I’ve never known the identity. Upon updatingView full post »

Nights in Seoul

Seoul is renowned for its night life, stylish people on the street, and not to forget their K-Pop music. And for someView full post »

Slide show – Rashidah & Mujaheed, the Reception, KGPA

It was awesome to get to know this Doctor-and-Dentist newlywed couple. Both are easy to be with. Set up on the beautifulView full post »

Slide show – Dhiya & Hafiz, the Reception

Shooting with an extremely low light condition never be an easy task for me. I would like to thank Dhiya & Hafiz forView full post »

Slide show – Mayarisma & Reduan Wedding, Ranau

It was all day long shooting this couple. We had the “Khatam al-Quran” as early as 8am in the morning,View full post »

Cotton Candy

Recent collaboration with Theme of Que Rafael. Let’s have a look at one of those many themes available for yourView full post »

The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony, Seoul

It was a warm afternoon, walking alone along the busy streets of Seoul. In the hope to find some good foods for lunch, IView full post »

Slide show – Liyana & Badrin, the Reception

Yes, this time around I was assisting Faiz Ghazali to shoot these two lovebirds, drove all the way down from KL to BidorView full post »

Slide show – Nazatul Syima & Saizul Hafiz, the Reception

It was an honor to assist Mukhriz Latif for this wedding of Malaysian rugby player, Hafiz. We had a chit chat regardingView full post »

Kinabalu That I Missed

“Tinggi tinggi Gunung Kinabalu, Tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu. biru biru hujung kinabalu, tengok dari jauh hatiView full post »

Slide show – Ann & Ijal, Solemnization and Reception, Bangi

Slide show, Ann & Ijal, Bangi It was a gloomy and dark morning after the pouring rain in Subang, making me feel likeView full post »

Bittersweet’s Empire’s Transition Album Showcase

OFF day for wedding, meaning an ON day for a music showcase. That is what i did before being a wedding photographer.View full post »

Slide show – The Colors of India, 2011.

Alhamdulillah, we are all safe in India. Now it is the time for me to share the pictures during the visit to one of theView full post »

Namaste, India

Just counting days.. I will be off to New Delhi and Agra, India for a few days, starting from 4th to 8th of May 2011View full post »

Suziana & Zamri – the Reception

Hi, this is the next series after the update on the last entry. Still, this time i was assisting Shah Fariz for thisView full post »

Suziana & Zamri – the Solemnization

I was assisting Shah Fariz for this wedding task. Please enjoy the couple of my favorites throughout the event. StayView full post »

Working Weekend

Early morning flight took me off to Kota Bharu, the capital of my origin land. No, this is not a wedding task but a jobView full post »

Weekend Getaway

I like Singapore, but i dislike the fact that SGD1 equals to RM2.42 (current currency exchange). Enjoy the weekdays,View full post »

Slide show – Abg Rosdi & Arissa Royline Louis, the Reception

Hi, since I have promised in the previous entry to update the Reception ceremony of these two lovebirds, so here is theView full post »

Slide show – Abg Rosdi & Arissa Royline Louis, the Solemnization

I traveled all the way from KL to Saratok, assisting the principal Mukhriz Latif to document this event, last few weeksView full post »


relaxed weekend. awesome performance by @hujanband.View full post »

Slide Show – Faizal & Faizura, the Reception, Dewan Perdana Felda

Hi all. It’s been a month since i have last updated this blog with the wedding entry. Sorry, i know that i’View full post »

Slide show – Fahmi & Idany, the Reception

Hi, do you still remember this dinosaur? Well, i shot them last year and you can view the entry here, in case you missedView full post »

Featured – InTrend March 2011.

Hi all, happy Wednesday, happy cheap-price-movie-day! This is one of the most exciting things that ever happened forView full post »

Slide show – Natasha & Noor Azree, the Solemnization, Bangi

Well, it was their first day at Shell until they made it on 5th Feb 2011. How sweet. The first day you at work, that dayView full post »

Azri & Haida – White Room

Last week, before starting our weekly meeting and photo critic session, me and the team (Mukhriz Latif, Shah Fariz,View full post »

CNY 2011, Kuala Lumpur

This is my first time ever shooting the Chinese New Year festive. Indeed this is my first try as well as Thaipusam forView full post »

Slide Show – Sara Losman & Fazdli Sham – the Reception

“Hotak kau! Puspanita KL la, bukan Puspanitapuri!” That was the short words from Mukhriz Latif before IView full post »

Slide show – Nabilah & Basyar reception, Putrajaya

Hi, it’s been a while since i last uploaded my entries without slideshow. This time i attach a slideshow,View full post »

Thaipusam 2011

Thaipusam is a celebration of the birth of God Murugan, religiously by Tamil Hindus. In Kuala Lumpur, one of the mostView full post »

Sara Losman & Fazdli Sham – Solemnization

Hello, good day! This time is the series of Sara & Sham’s solemnization which was held last weekend. Me andView full post »

Maisarah & Haziman – Reception, Kuala Perlis

This time, we traveled miles away to the Northern part of Malaysia Peninsular. Together with the “crazy”View full post »

Nadia & Zam – the Reception, Marriott Putrajaya

Great ambient, beautiful details, amazing lighting setup. That’s all i can describe about this event. This time iView full post »

Megat Shahriman & Nazihah – Solemnization, Felda Villa

To witness a solemnization ceremony where the emotions changed within quite a short time, it made you shocked! Yes, i amView full post »

Sabrina & Aemel, the Bollywood Reception

The first time a met this lovely couple was back during their whiteroom photoshoot session at our studio a few monthsView full post »

Maisarah & Zee, the Solemnization

Hi ! First and foremost, sorry for not being able to attach the slideshow into this entry. Sorry, please don’t putView full post »

Slideshow – Norhafizah & Khairi, reception

the Reception of Norhafizah & Khairi, Tampin Please enjoy the slideshow and the pictures.. ? Regards, Mohd MingView full post »

Slideshow – Afifi & Norliza, the Reception

the Reception of Afifi & Lieza, Selayang This is the second reception of this couple, following the first receptionView full post »

Lonely Soldier Boy

Stucked in a sluggish traffic, while listening the band that was already performed, how would you feel? Feel likeView full post »

Slideshow – Ash & Ann, the Reception

This is the reception of Ash & Ann. yeah, Ash & Ann. Ann is a blogger with some crazy ideas about her wedding.View full post »


Dear crazy little fellas, i miss you all very much! How much? This much! (you see my hands?) ?View full post »

Radzi & Alia – the Reception

5th November 2010 Dewan Perdana Felda Main Photographer : Udey Ismail Assistant Photographer : Faiz Ghazali This timeView full post »

Norliza & Afifi , Johor Bahru

The Solemnization series : The reception series, the day after: Spread the love! Ikhlas, Mohd Ming Junior PhotographerView full post »

Tired Mission

  I need a breathtaking holiday.View full post »

Anis Fahmi & Idany – Dinosaur going Insane!

Yello! This is an entry about my dear old friend, back to our boarding school so-called Jenan. Well, those days lads!View full post »