Faza Norman & Azim Azmi

Second shot for Udey Ismail. – MingView full post »

Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

For the first time ever, I entered this one-of-its-kind theme park in Asia. For the first time ever, I didn’tView full post »

Ziana & Aizad, the Reception

Dear Ziana & Aizad, thank you for letting me joining a part of your life. I was so blessed that we could getView full post »

Ziana & Aizad, the Solemnization

Their solemnization had such a real and strong sense of family through out the whole day. It was utterly amazing to seeView full post »

Faten & Shafeq, the Reception

I’m pretty sure they are going to make cute babies. Congratulations Faten & Shafeq. I loved the good vibes weView full post »

Ziana & Aizad, Portrait

Both are counting days. Less is more.View full post »

Slide show : Udey Ismail & Zuriana Amat, the Reception & the Reception

Slide show : Udey & Ana, the Reception & the Reception  From Kota Kemuning..   To Pendang..  It wasView full post »

Slide show : Udey Ismail & Zuriana Amat, the Solemnization

Slide show : Udey & Ana, the SolemnizationOne thing that could touch your heart was photographing one of the personView full post »

Naida & Erul | Reception, KGPA

I should have posted this wedding a few days ago before colliding with the lorry on my way back home. This is the secondView full post »

Naida & Erul | Solemnization

I could possibly call myself a lucky boy for not dropping my jaw on the desk looking to this beautiful couple. InspiredView full post »

Afifah & Hafiz | Solemnization

There’s one thing you don’t really wanna know about them. Both they and Johor Bahru rocked my soul with anView full post »

Packed to the Blue

I’ll be off to the Tropical Blue Territory. Shall be back safely in one piece. xo, MingView full post »

Shuhada & Hilmi | Solemnization

I was second shooting for Mukhriz Latif. Beautiful. Heartfelt. xo, MingView full post »

Featured – Polka Dot Bride Australia

Thank you Polka Dot Bride for sending their LOVE all the way from Sydney. This portrait session was shot last Autumn inView full post »

Mel & Haikal, the Reception

Everybody loves them. And even me envy their passion about love. I hope you will love them as much as I do. xo, MingView full post »

Sipping the Espresso, the Bay of Naples, and the Ancient Romans

Yesterday, I accidentally watched Eat,Pray,Love on HBO. And this is how i feel.. “Italia, mi manchi”.. SoView full post »

Harun Al-Fayed & Dalila Sabri

My awesome rocking friends from the college years. A blast from the past. xo, MingView full post »

ZH, Portrait

One of my favorite male best friends. He’s my brother. xo, MingView full post »

Gyeongju, Autumn

I hate to say this one bitter word – MISS. xo, MingView full post »

Shaz & Iza, Portrait

A little more sweetness. xo, MingView full post »

Mel & Haikal, the Solemnization

It was merely a beautiful and heartfelt celebration. I was blessed to be working with these two who have a deep passionView full post »

Mel & Haikal, Portrait

We wandered outside the city, having had the cool, lush greeneries outside Kuala Lumpur. Couldn’t be more excitingView full post »

Juca & Anne, the Reception

I couldn’t stop myself to enjoy every beat of the live performing arts during this wedding of Juca & Anne.View full post »

Shazdarween Dave & Izza Rashid, the Reception

I could very much say that this wedding is the most ubiquitous wedding in my blog because of the multiple appearances ofView full post »

Erina Zahara & Anas, the Reception

This green yet exuberant family DIY wedding continued the day after the beautiful solemnization earlier that night. ItView full post »

Erina Zahara & Anas, the Solemnization.

I couldn’t be more excited to share all the good vibes throughout this beautiful solemnization between Erin andView full post »

Lann & Asla, the Reception

For those involved, sorry for capturing your descent moment. It wasn’t my fault. Enjoy! 🙂 xo, MingView full post »

Asla & Lann, the Solemnization

This was the first series of the straight three days shooting them in Melaka for me and Mukhriz. The second and theView full post »

The Happy Flyers

A few years ago, I dreamt of flying. More often than not, it requires utter fundamentals of maneuvering that areView full post »

Dayang & Azim, the Reception

I felt so blessed to be working again with them the day after their Solemnization. The down pouring rain earlier on thatView full post »

Dayang & Azim, the Solemnization

There’s something I adore about this unfolded love story. The ceremony was very simple, but full of love. IntimateView full post »

Moqh & Iezah, Expecting

It’s been three years since their marriage and this time they are waiting for the second gem. I sat anxiouslyView full post »

Fixa & Dino, the Reception

I do really love the vibes of this wedding from the start towards the end. One could ever imagine how shining their faceView full post »

Izzati & Hazrul, the Reception

This was really one of the beautiful weddings that I’ve ever shot. Everyone came with the great vibes to celebrateView full post »

Izzati & Hazrul, the Solemnization

Syimir and me drove down to Seremban 2 to document this event. We were pumped because Syimir was being able to meet hisView full post »

Dzul Adha & Farrah Yuhanis, the Reception

I was completely overwhelmed to shoot their Reception after the beautiful Solemnization held the week before. EverybodyView full post »

Farrah Yuhanis & Dzul Adha, the Solemnization

There’s a thing that can be considered as unrepeatable, and that is time. The chosen triple eleven date was reallyView full post »

Mawar & Kunyit, the Reception

This might be one of the most memorable things as my involvement in wedding. Mawar & Kunyit (Azhar) got to notice myView full post »

Diyana & Kouhei Imran, Portrait, South Korea

Love across the sea! It is describable when this petite Malaysian girl, Diyana met Kouhei Imran, the shy-but-funny-in-View full post »

Serene & Khai, the Solemnization

It was a beautiful Moroccan dais by setup, yummy combination of titbits, fun and exciting family, and the gorgeousView full post »

Embracing Weekend

So folks, how’s your weekend so far? 🙂 xo, Mohd Ming Senior Photographer Proud Member of Mukhriz & UdeyView full post »

Ichsan & Zarina, the Reception

Following the recent pre-wedding shoot done by the principal Mukhriz Latif for these lovelies, me and Syimir drove fromView full post »

Azlin & Azrul Hisham, the Reception

After a beautiful solemnization held the night before, we continue our task to shoot the reception of this two beautifulView full post »

Azlin & Azrul Hisham, the Solemnization.

I was assisting Udey Ismail for this task that was held back in Malaysian heritage town, Taiping. Meet Azlin & AzrulView full post »

Ernie & Rais, the Reception 2, Concorde Shah Alam

This is the second reception of Ernie & Rais that was held in Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam. I was assisting MukhrizView full post »

In NatGeo!

Still remember this single image that I posted last 2 weeks? Okay, in case you guys missed it, please feel free toView full post »

Slide show – Ernie & Rais, the Reception, Shah Alam

This is the very first wedding shot for MU team right after we came back from Aidil Fitri festive. I was tempted toView full post »