Awangku Kasman & Jasmina Majit | London, UK Wedding

Now and then I find myself at a wedding where everyone speaks Sarawakian Malay or English. Like Kasman and Jas’ wedding,  two lovebirds from Sheffield, UK and Al Mahbulah Al ‘Ã?imah, Kuwayt who decided to invite their families from Sarawak, Malaysia and friends from England, Scotland, Norway and as the list goes on to London. When you experience a whole wedding day abroad surrounded by the people speak your native language, you start to listen with your eyes instead. How someone’s tone and cadence is constant changing. How other people react. That buzz in the air during a very emotional speech. When I left I knew every story told about them. Even if I just felt them.

Kasman & Jasmina (and friends and family and all the rest of you), thank you. Thank you very much.

…for giving me this golden opportunity.
For making me feel shooting right at home.
For permitting me access to who you are and what you love.
For welcoming me along to witness this incredible tier.

Mohd Ming
Senior Photographer, Mukhrizudey

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