Arni Natasha & Redzuan | The Reception

Mubaraq! Photography by Mohd Ming Senior Photographer,

Bella & Kiwie | The Reception

“I have to protect the one thing that I can’

Raihan Ramiza & Khairul Anuar | The Reception

Double Power. Double No Trouble. Photography by Mohd

Ernie & Safwan | The Solemnisation

Blue cue   Mohd Ming Senior Photographer,

Faizal & Firah | The Reception

Rustic Greeneries! Mohd Ming Senior Photographer,

Shah & Dayah | The Reception

Doubling up the power! Mohd Ming Senior Photographer,

Farisha & Dzulhaziq | The Reception

The butterflies in the tummy. And not in the tummy.

Farahin & Asyraf | The Reception

Happiness is something that comes into our lives

Farahin & Asyraf | The Solemnisation

If you smile when no one else is around, you really

The Nazman’s Family Portrait, Nottingham UK

Autumn 2014, Nottingham. Mohd Ming the Family

Shafiq & Nadia, the Wedding


Ely & Iskandar, the Reception

Tertiary for Faiz Ghazali. It’s good to be back home

The Coast of Andalusia, Spain

Traveled on the left-hand-drive within the span of

Ayu & Dr Azlan, the Solemnization, Nottingham UK

Intimate. Lovely vibe. Thanks to Ayu & Dr Azlan for

The Game Change

As cliche as the classical dreams can be, as

Dalia Dania & Hakeem | the Solemnization

The very last wedding I shot before my very

Marini & Aldrin | the Solemnization

Long-stretched years of USA-New Zealand kind of

Harriz & Shafini | the Reception

White is the new Black? Yes, please…   xo,

Nazatul Syima & Saizul Hafiz | Expecting

One of the things that I constantly do since I shot the

Shafini & Harriz | the Reception

Physics and humans are inseparable. On this day,

Shafini & Harriz | the Solemnization

Extra overflowing emotions. xo, Ming

Fitri Anuar & Nik Azwin | the Reception

One of the most goodest bestest things shooting a

Liyana Jasmay & Fathuddin Mazlan | the Solemnization

I went down assisting the two principals, Mukhriz Latif

Fadhilah & Shah | the Reception

Kemamang. Cherating. Kemamang. I can’t get myself

Fadhilah & Shah | the Solemnization

Kemamang.   I made my way to the Eastern Coast of

Farid Zul & Sanda | the Reception

Zul is from my old neighborhood, the place that I used

Fadhil & Intan | the Reception

I had this privilege traveling to the Southern of the

Fatin & Ramzee | the Reception

Yellow is the new black? Yes, please.. – Ming

Fatin & Ramzee | the Solemnization

Fatin & Ramzee. Putrajaya. Intimate. Close.

Irda & Aizuddin, the Reception

An eventful event. Thank you Irda & Ai for bringing